Claude 2

Claude 2-image

Claude 2 is the latest AI model from Anthropic, designed to enhance performance in chatbot interactions. It offers longer responses, improved coding and reasoning abilities, and increased safety. Claude 2 is accessible via API and a beta website,, and supports extensive input and output lengths, making it versatile for various tasks. Key Features of […]

Image to Prompt

Image to Prompt-Turn-Images-into-Text-Description-with-AI

Image to Prompt tool leverages advanced AI technology to convert images into detailed text descriptions effortlessly. By uploading a photo, users can receive a comprehensive text prompt generated by AI, which analyzes the image content within seconds. This tool simplifies the process of creating descriptive text, making it an essential resource for various creative and […]



TalkingFaces is a groundbreaking cloud-based software that enables users to create customizable, real-life spokesperson videos, known as “Humatars,” with seamless mouth movement synchronization. By leveraging real human actors and advanced text-to-speech technology, It allows users to overlay these spokesperson videos onto websites, enhancing engagement and conversions. With its user-friendly interface and versatile features, It revolutionizes […]

Doll Divine

Doll Divine-image

Doll Divine offers a diverse array of dress up games, character creators, and avatar generators, catering to individuals of all ages and interests. From anime and fantasy themes to historical and modern fashion, It provides a safe and creative space for users to express themselves through digital customization. With a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, […]

Eimis Anime Diffusion

Eimis Anime Diffusion-Hugging-Face

Eimis Anime Diffusion is an advanced AI model designed for generating high-quality anime-style images. Developed by eimiss and hosted on Hugging Face, this tool utilizes a text-to-image diffuser, allowing users to input textual prompts and receive corresponding anime visuals. Additionally, it supports image-to-image diffusion, transforming existing pictures into detailed anime-style artworks. Licensed under CreativeMLOpenRAIL-M, Eimis […]



Wyspa is an innovative platform designed to enhance interview preparation through AI-powered mock interviews. By leveraging cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies, It provides users with customized mock interview experiences tailored to their specific career goals and job domains. This tool offers real-time feedback and personalized coaching, making it a comprehensive solution for individuals aiming […]

AI Art Generator

AI Art Generator -Image-Search

AI Art Generator is a leading tool for creating stunning AI-generated artwork instantly. By combining advanced AI algorithms with image search functionality, users can generate beautiful pieces of art in various styles and resolutions. Whether it’s portraits, landscapes, or abstract compositions, the AI Art Generator offers a diverse range of options to suit any creative […]



Eightify is a Chrome extension that leverages AI technology to summarize YouTube videos, saving you time by extracting key insights and providing concise, instant summaries. The tool integrates ChatGPT technology to offer high-quality summaries, giving you the essence of any video in seconds. Whether you’re interested in AI, business, finance, or health, Eightify helps you […]

Plus AI

Plus AI-for-Google-Slides™-and-Docs

Plus AI is an AI-powered tool that enhances productivity in Google Slides and Google Docs. By leveraging advanced AI technology, Plus AI creates and edits presentations and documents with ease, providing well-written content and visually appealing presentations for work and school. Users can generate beautiful presentations and engaging documents in less time, making work more […]

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