AI Face Swap

AI Face Swap-image

AI Face Swap is a free online tool that allows users to effortlessly swap faces in photos without the need for a login. Using advanced AI technology, it provides a fun and seamless face-swapping experience, making it easy to create amusing and realistic transformations. Users simply upload their photos, and within seconds, they can see […]

AI Therapist Online

Free-AI Therapist Online

AI Therapist Online is an advanced tool designed to provide instant, personalized mental health support. Leveraging AI technology, it offers empathetic and confidential conversations available 24/7, making mental health resources more accessible. While not a replacement for licensed therapy, AI Therapist Online serves as a valuable supplement, offering immediate assistance for those navigating life’s challenges. […]

PDF Flex

PDF Flex-image

PDF Flex is an innovative tool that allows users to interact with their PDF documents using AI technology. This user-friendly platform enables quick analysis and immediate insights from any document, making tasks like summarizing, translating, and generalizing content effortless. With no login required and a secure HTTPS connection, PDF Flex offers a seamless, free experience […]

Time Nomad

Time Nomad-FREE-astrology-app

Time Nomad is a free astrology app designed for iPhone and iPad, offering a rich array of features to both novice and experienced astrologers. This app provides tools to cast astrological charts for any location, including natal charts, transits, synastry, and progressions. With support for both tropical and sidereal zodiac models, Time Nomad is versatile […]



Co–Star is an innovative astrology app that provides hyper-personalized, real-time horoscopes based on NASA data and professional astrological methods. Unlike traditional horoscopes, Co – Star generates insights tailored to your entire birth chart, offering a comprehensive understanding of your personality traits, behavioral tendencies, and relationships with others. With its powerful natural-language engine, Co – Star brings astrology to the […]


AstroBot-AI astrologer

AstroBot is your personalized AI-powered astrologer, designed to offer tailored astrological insights based on your birthdate and zodiac sign. With AstroBot, you receive customized horoscope readings, compatibility analyses, and advice on various aspects of life, such as love, career, and health. Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, It interprets astrological data to provide accurate and relevant guidance, […]

AI Logo Design by Stylar

AI Logo Design by Stylar-image

AI Logo Design by Stylar is a powerful tool designed to simplify and elevate the logo creation process. Leveraging advanced AI technologies, Stylar enables users to effortlessly transform text and images into captivating logo designs, making professional-quality branding accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a startup, small business, or an individual seeking to establish a personal […]

Flush AI

AI-Art-Studio-Flush AI

Flush AI is an advanced AI art studio that operates entirely in the cloud, providing end-to-end solutions for creators worldwide. At its core, It offers a streamlined approach to generating AI art in various styles, leveraging stable diffusion technology. Moreover, developers can integrate Flush into their applications effortlessly through its SDK and API, enabling the […]



Sinkin offers an innovative AI image generator powered by Stable Diffusion technology. With a vast array of models deployed, Sink In provides users with the ability to create stunning, high-resolution images at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods. The platform boasts exceptional reliability, ensuring a smooth and efficient image generation process for […]

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