Vellum AI

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Vellum AI is a powerful platform that facilitates the integration and deployment of Large Language Models (LLMs) for various applications. One standout feature is its support for Microsoft Azure hosted OpenAI models, enhancing versatility. Designed for seamless transition from prototype to production, Vellum AI offers tools for prompt engineering, semantic search, version control, quantitative testing, […]

Myth AI

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Myth.Ai: Transformative AI-Powered Pattern Design Myth AI stands at the forefront of pattern design innovation, revolutionizing the creative landscape with its state-of-the-art AI-powered design tool. This web-based platform redefines the design process, empowering both designers and businesses to unleash their creative potential effortlessly. Key Features: Use Cases: Myth AI Alternatives: Final Thoughts: Myth AI emerges […]

Haptik AI

Haptik AI-Best-Conversational-CRM-Powered-by-Generative-AI

Haptik AI, a leader in Generative AI, empowers enterprises to enhance customer relationships through its innovative Conversational CRM solution. Leveraging Generative AI, Haptik transforms customer support, marketing, and sales by offering personalized interactions and streamlined cross-channel conversations. Trusted by over 500 leading brands, Haptik has a proven track record of unlocking customer loyalty and achieving […]

Leena AI

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Leena AI is an advanced AI-powered work assistant developed by Leena AI Labs. Leena AI, an enterprise conversational AI, elevates employee experience through HR helpdesk automation and engagement software. Key Features of Leena AI: Use Cases: Customer Success Stories: Leena AI has successfully transformed businesses by improving employee productivity, reducing ticket resolution times, and enhancing […]



V7 | The AI Data Engine for Computer Vision & Generative AI V7 is a comprehensive AI data engine designed for computer vision and generative AI applications. It offers a versatile infrastructure that covers various aspects of enterprise training data, including labeling, workflows, datasets, and human involvement. With V7, you can empower your AI products, […]

Dataloop AI

Dataloop AI-home

Dataloop AI is an advanced data management and labeling platform that empowers AI teams to drive their projects to production with precision and efficiency. This comprehensive platform covers the entire data management cycle, from data labeling and automating data operations to deploying production pipelines and incorporating a human-in-the-loop approach. Dataloop simplifies the management of generative […]

Vertex AI

Vertex AI-Google-Cloud

Vertex AI is a powerful AI platform offered by Google Cloud that empowers businesses and developers to harness the capabilities of generative AI efficiently. It simplifies the entire machine learning (ML) workflow, from model creation to deployment. With its diverse set of features and tools, Vertex AI streamlines the process of building, testing, and deploying […]

Datasaur AI

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Datasaur AI is an advanced data labeling platform that significantly enhances the efficiency of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Language Model Maintenance (LLM) projects. With data labeling consuming a substantial 65% of the time in NLP and LLM projects, Datasaur is designed to streamline the process, allowing engineers to focus on creating high-quality models. Key […]



Swivl is an innovative educational technology solution designed to support educators and improve teaching practices. It is primarily known for its Reflectivity + Robot, which are video tools that facilitate coaching, self-reflection, and collaboration in educational settings. The Swivl Reflectivity + Robot system allows educators to record or live stream classroom activities, making it an […]

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