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Time Nomad-FREE-astrology-app

Time Nomad

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Time Nomad is a free astrology app designed for iPhone and iPad, offering a rich array of features to both novice and experienced astrologers. This app provides tools to cast astrological charts for any location, including natal charts, transits, synastry, and progressions.

With support for both tropical and sidereal zodiac models, Time Nomad is versatile and adaptable to various astrological practices. Additionally, advanced features like fixed stars calculations, a planetary hours calculator with an alarm, and customizable widgets make it a powerful tool for those seeking detailed astrological insights.

Time Nomad stands out by allowing users to create multiple astrological profiles, storing all data securely on iCloud without requiring registration or login. The app’s core functionality is free, with optional features that enhance user experience without obstructing the app’s use. This makes Time Nomad a perfect companion for anyone interested in exploring astrology in depth, whether for personal use or professional practice.

Key Features

  • Astrological Charts: Generate real-time astrological charts, including natal, transits, synastry, and progressions.
  • Tropical and Sidereal Support: Calculate charts using both tropical and sidereal zodiac systems.
  • Fixed Stars Calculations: Access a list of 107 important stars and stellar objects for detailed chart interpretations.
  • Planetary Hours Calculator: Includes an alarm feature and widgets for easy tracking of planetary hours.
  • Widgets: Add home screen widgets to display current astrological data and notifications.
  • Data Security: Store all profiles and data on iCloud with no need for registration or login.
  • Notifications: Receive daily updates on personal transits and upcoming astrological events.
  • Customizable Settings: Adjust planets, house systems, aspects, and orbs according to personal preferences.

Use Cases

  • Daily Horoscope: Check your daily horoscope and receive real-time updates.
  • Astrological Education: Learn astrology through regular updates, lessons, and detailed astrological data.
  • Professional Use: Provide clients with accurate and detailed astrological readings.
  • Personal Exploration: Create multiple profiles to track the astrological influences on yourself and loved ones.
  • Astrological Events: Stay informed about significant astrological events with timely notifications.
  • Custom Alerts: Set alarms for planetary hours and significant astrological moments.

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Final Thoughts

Time Nomad is a robust and user-friendly astrology app that caters to a wide range of astrological needs. Its comprehensive feature set and intuitive design make it an invaluable tool for both personal and professional use. By offering a blend of traditional astrological practices and modern technology, Time Nomad allows users to explore the complexities of astrology with ease and precision.

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Time Nomad Video Review

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