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Skyglass introduces a groundbreaking leap in filmmaking with its innovative AI technology, bringing Hollywood 3D effects directly to your iPhone.

The platform’s primary focus is on AI video creation, allowing users to seamlessly integrate AI-generated environments into their films.

Skyglass simplifies the filmmaking process by enabling users to create full 360 AI-generated backgrounds effortlessly.

Leveraging AI background removal, industry-standard Hollywood VFX, and real-time compositing, Skyglass eliminates the need for a green screen, offering a revolutionary approach to film production.

Key Features:

  • AI-Generated Environments: Transform your filming locations with full 360 AI-generated backgrounds by simply typing in your desired setting.
  • Hollywood VFX with Unreal Engine: Utilize Unreal Engine in real-time without any prior experience, stream environments from the cloud, and access a comprehensive library of high-quality assets.
  • AI Background Removal: No green screen required as AI seamlessly cuts out subjects in real-time, ensuring a smooth integration of characters into various environments.
  • Subscription Plans: Choose from Creator, Indie, or Studio plans, each offering an escalating range of features and AI environments per month.
  • Skyglass Forge: Upload custom assets to the app for a personalized touch and enhanced creativity.

Use Cases:

  • Creator Plan: Ideal for enthusiasts, offering the ability to film in various AI environments and create up to 50 AI backgrounds monthly.
  • Indie Plan: Perfect for indie filmmakers, providing advanced tools like green screen capabilities, manual camera controls, and the ability to create 100 AI environments per month.
  • Studio Plan: Tailored for professional filmmakers, allowing the creation of up to 200 AI environments monthly, along with features like external monitoring, custom 3D environment imports, and pipeline integration.

Skyglass Alternatives:

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  4. Artflow AI – Transform Ideas into Animated Stories
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  6. – AI-powered video creation tool

Final Thoughts:

Skyglass emerges as a trailblazer in the film industry, redefining the possibilities of content creation through its user-friendly AI video technology.

By seamlessly integrating AI-generated environments and Hollywood-standard VFX into the filmmaking process, Skyglass empowers creators of all levels to bring their visions to life with unprecedented ease.

The elimination of traditional constraints, such as the need for green screens, coupled with a range of subscription plans, makes Skyglass a versatile and accessible tool that has the potential to revolutionize the future of filmmaking.

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Skyglass Video Review

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