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Kombai - figma to code generation tool


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Kombai is an innovative UI code generation tool that aims to revolutionize frontend development. With $4.5 million in seed funding, Kombai is set to make frontend development fun and efficient again.

It introduces the Kombai Model, a state-of-the-art system designed to understand and code UI designs with human-like precision. This model enables developers to effortlessly convert design files into high-quality UI code components, simplifying the development process and saving valuable time.

Key Features:

  • One-Click UI Code Generation: Kombai’s primary feature allows users to generate UI code for their designs with just one click per component.
  • No Need for Tagging or Naming: Developers can use design files as-is without the need to tag, name, or group elements or use auto-layout.
  • Logical Div-Structure & React Components: Kombai automatically generates a logical div structure and React components for the design, ensuring clean and maintainable code.
  • CSS Flex with No Hardcoded Dimensions: The tool generates CSS for flex layouts without hardcoded dimensions, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness.
  • High-Quality JS Code: It produces high-quality JavaScript code with loops and conditions, enabling developers to focus on complex business logic.
  • Form Elements as Functional Components: Forms are converted into functional components, enhancing code modularity.
  • Integration with Figma: Seamlessly open design files in Figma for a more integrated workflow.
  • Engineered Prompting: Users can fine-tune code generation with “design prompt engineering” to get the desired output.
  • Visual Understanding: Kombai’s model understands design elements visually, making it easier to interpret complex designs.
  • Support for Various Frontend Languages & Frameworks: It is compatible with a wide range of frontend languages and frameworks.

Use Cases:

  • Rapid Prototyping: Quickly turn design mockups into functional prototypes.
  • Saving Development Time: Eliminate the need for manual coding and reduce development time significantly.
  • Maintainable Codebase: Generate clean, maintainable code for frontend projects.
  • Cross-Platform Development: Adapt UI code for various platforms with ease.
  • Collaboration: Enhance collaboration between designers and developers.
  • Code Consistency: Ensure consistent coding standards across projects.
  • Complex UIs: Handle complex user interfaces effortlessly.
  • Design Iteration: Make design iterations and updates more efficient.
  • Learning & Training: Help developers learn and understand UI code generation.
  • Integration with Existing Projects: Seamlessly integrate generated code into existing projects.

Kombai Alternatives:

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  2. – AI UI/UX Design Tool | AI Tool for Figma
  3. Flair AI – The AI Design Tool For Branded Content
  4. ClipDrop – Create stunning visuals in seconds with AI

Final Thoughts:

Kombai represents a significant leap in frontend development by simplifying the process of converting UI designs into high-quality code. With its impressive feature set, including one-click code generation, support for various frontend technologies, and visual understanding of designs, It empowers developers to focus on the most critical aspects of their projects, saving time and effort.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started, Kombai offers a promising solution to streamline your frontend development workflow and make coding UIs a breeze. Give it a try and experience the future of frontend development firsthand.

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