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FollowFox AI is a venture studio that specializes in developing compact AI models suitable for local and edge computing.

Their flagship product, Distillery, is an open-source text-to-image generator that leverages the power of the Stable Diffusion model.

Key Features:

  • Built on Stable Diffusion: Distillery utilizes the robust Stable Diffusion model as its foundation, ensuring it’s well-equipped for generating images from text prompts.
  • Knowledge Distillation: It employs knowledge distillation techniques from larger, closed source, or proprietary models to produce high-quality outputs.
  • End-to-End Experiences: Distillery offers seamless end-to-end experiences, simplifying the process of generating images from text descriptions.
  • Community Support: The FollowFox community on Discord provides a platform for users to connect, share experiences, and seek assistance.
  • Versatile Tool: It’s a valuable asset for creatives, developers, AI enthusiasts, and researchers looking to harness the potential of text-to-image generation.
  • AI Model Testing: Distillery is instrumental for testing and developing AI models, aiding researchers and developers in their work.
  • Detailed Guides: The platform offers comprehensive guides to ensure users can maximize the potential of Distillery.
  • Featured on Its recognition on underscores its significance in the AI community.

Use Cases:

  • Image Generation: Distillery sparks creativity and enables the generation of images from text prompts, expanding the horizons of content creation.
  • AI Model Development: It serves as a versatile tool for AI researchers and developers to test and refine their models.
  • Artistic Endeavors: Artists and designers can use it to turn their textual ideas into visual creations.
  • Educational Resources: Distillery can be a valuable asset in educational settings, helping students understand AI concepts through practical use.
  • Storytelling: Writers and content creators can employ it to bring their stories and narratives to life through imagery.
  • Prototyping: It’s useful for quickly visualizing ideas and concepts in various fields, from architecture to fashion design.

FollowFox AI Alternatives:

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  2. DALL-E 3 – Best And Free AI Image Generators tools
  3. Stable Diffusion – Text-To-Image Model | Deep Learning
  4. SoulGen  – Create Real & Anime Art from Text
  5. Craiyon – Creative and Unique AI Image Generator

Final Thoughts:

In a world where AI is continuously pushing boundaries, FollowFox’s Distillery stands out as an impressive open-source text-to-image generator.

With its strong foundation in Stable Diffusion, knowledge distillation techniques, and a supportive community, it empowers users to turn text into captivating visuals effortlessly.

From sparking creativity to aiding AI model development, Distillery is a versatile tool with boundless potential, making it an invaluable asset for creators and researchers alike.

Its featured status on is a testament to its importance in the AI landscape, and it promises to remain a powerful tool in the realm of text-to-image generation.

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