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Ayraa AI

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Ayraa AI is Your Personal AI-powered Search & Knowledge Assistant at Work.

Ayraa connects with Slack & your web browser to instantly capture & organize everything you do at work. A search & answer bot for your work chat & browsing history

Designed to be your personal second brain, Ayraa captures and consolidates information across various platforms, ensuring you never miss a crucial detail.

With its innovative features, Ayraa serves as a comprehensive solution to information overload, offering a seamless experience from desktop to mobile.

Key Features:

  • Capture Everything, Everywhere: Ayraa integrates seamlessly with Slack and browsers, summarizing information from various platforms.
  • AI-Powered Search and Answer Bot: Utilizing advanced generative AI, Ayraa facilitates effortless searching across apps and provides intelligent answers based on accumulated knowledge.
  • Mission Control for Workspace: Filter distractions, centralize work updates, and enhance productivity by receiving vital updates directly.
  • Blends Into Your Workflow: Ayraa ensures uninterrupted work with a feature-rich Slack bot and desktop apps, offering a clean and minimalist interface.
  • Browser AI: Ayraa’s browser extension streamlines web browsing by summarizing pages and saving critical information.
  • Real-Time Updates: Stay focused with Ayraa’s mission control, receiving tailored insights and updates without constant app-switching.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Access your organizational memory on the go with Ayraa’s mobile apps, offering real-time sync and byte-sized search capabilities.
  • Secure and Private by Design: Founded by security veterans, Ayraa ensures data security with AWS Cloud, SOC2 Type 1 Certification, and Single-Sign-On Authentication.

Use Cases:

  • Search & Recall: Easily retrieve information from diverse apps without individual searches.
  • Assist with Puzzles and Problem-Solving: Leverage Ayraa’s GPT4 capabilities for coding bug resolution and incident diagnosis.
  • Discover Tailored Insights: Ayraa acts as a personal knowledge discovery engine, offering insights from Slack discussions, missed updates, and consolidated alerts.
  • Efficient Topic Research: Ask specific questions without reading pages for streamlined research.
  • ADHD/Meetings Support (Coming Soon): Enable automatic transcription of Google Meet & Zoom calls for crucial details during meetings.

How does Ayraa work?

  1. Add Ayraa’s bot to your Slack workspace
  2. Add Ayraa’s extension to your browser
  3. Pick apps & sites you would like to capture

What does Ayraa’s search engine cover?

Ayraa AI search engine takes an app-agnostic approach, allowing it to capture knowledge from any app or site the user chooses. As both a bot and a browser extension, Ayraa seamlessly integrates into your Slack and web browser instances. This versatility enables Ayraa to be limitless in the apps and sites it can index, organize, and make available for search and answers.

The top apps and sites covered by Ayraa’s search engine include:

  1. Slack – including DMs and Private channels
  2. Gmail – your inbox
  3. Quora, Stack Overflow – top Q&A sites
  4. Google Docs, Notion, Confluence – knowledge base/wiki apps
  5. JIRA – engineering tickets

Ayraa AI Alternatives:

  1. ChatGPT for Search Engine – Personal AI Chatbot Extension
  2. GPTGO AI – Free Search Engine with ChatGPT & Google Combined
  3. Neeva AI – Ad-Free, Secure Search Engine
  4. Microsoft Bing – New AI-powered search engine
  5. – The AI Search Engine You Control

Final Thoughts:

Ayraa AI emerges as a game-changer, providing a centralized, intelligent solution to the challenges of information management in the modern workspace.

With its diverse features catering to various needs and use cases, Ayraa AI not only enhances productivity but also streamlines the way teams collaborate and access information.

As a secure, AI-driven assistant, Ayraa AI stands at the forefront of workplace innovation, offering a glimpse into the future of efficient, personalized knowledge management.

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