ATSFriendly resume, short for Applicant Tracking System-friendly resume, is crucial in today’s job market where the majority of companies utilize ATS to streamline their recruitment process. These systems automatically scan resumes for relevant keywords, skills, and qualifications, helping employers efficiently screen through a large volume of applications. Ensuring that your resume is ATS-friendly significantly improves […]



Yolt is a revolutionary platform offering free YouTube summaries, allowing users to quickly grasp the essence of various video content types. With Yolt, users can summarize podcasts, lectures, news segments, interviews, tutorials, reviews, debates, and panels in seconds. By providing quality summaries effortlessly, It helps users save valuable time while ensuring they stay informed and […]

Anime Art Studio

Anime Art Studio - Free Anime generator

Anime Art Studio revolutionizes the creation of anime art through its innovative AI technology, offering a platform for generating stunning anime and manga illustrations effortlessly. With a vast library of over 100+ Stable Diffusion Anime Models, Anime Art Studio stands out as a 100% Free AI Anime Generator, eliminating the need for signups, credits, or […]

Gemini AI by Google

Gemini AI By Google - AI

Gemini AI by Google, also known as Gemini, marks a groundbreaking era in artificial intelligence, designed to seamlessly reason across text, images, video, audio, and code. Representing a significant leap forward, Gemini Ultra, the first version of Gemini, outperforms human experts on Massive Multitask Language Understanding (MMLU), showcasing its prowess in knowledge and problem-solving. Built […]

Ideogram AI

Ideogram AI-home

Ideogram AI, the cutting-edge Free Text-to-Image generator, revolutionizes the creative process by seamlessly integrating text with AI-generated visuals. Launched on August 22, this tool enables users to effortlessly craft hyper-realistic images in seconds, offering a time and cost-effective solution for individuals seeking personalized artwork, logos, and designs. Ideogram AI stands out by effortlessly combining text […]


MusicGen-AI Music Generation Tool

MusicGen is an extraordinary AI music generation tool created by Meta, designed to produce high-quality music samples from simple text prompts. It’s a game-changer in the field of AI music generation, boasting a single-stage transformer LM, unlike previous models that relied on combining multiple models. Whether you want to install MusicGen on your local machine […]

Kundli GPT

Kundli GPT - AI Astrologer

In the age of technology, astrology has found its way to embrace innovation through AI-powered platforms. If you’re fascinated by zodiac horoscopes, astral maps, or simply seeking guidance in your life, Kundli GPT has you covered! An AI Vedic Astrologer Chatbot like no other, Kundli GPT offers personalized insights into various aspects of your life […]



Are you looking to build, manage, and run powerful autonomous AI agents on the cloud? Look no further than SuperAGI Cloud! SuperAGI is an open-source autonomous AI agent framework that enables developers to build, manage, and run useful autonomous agents quickly and reliably. It provides a comprehensive set of features and tools, including a graphical […]



Welcome to Openpedia, your portal to the wonderful world of artificial intelligence innovation! With our expertly chosen AI Tools Directory, you can unleash the entire power of artificial intelligence. Join our happy community of AI enthusiasts and alter the world with the power of intelligence, from innovative ideas to an immersive knowledge base. Embrace the […]

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